Wild About Houseplants? These 5 Middle Tennessee Nurseries Have Got You Covered

Houseplants are back and bigger than ever!

Ok, they never really went away. But the popularity of houseplants has exploded in recent years, especially among millennials. Part of their resurgence can be credited to the rise of visually-driven social media (read: Instagram). But another reason is because houseplants not only beautify our indoor spaces, they also have health benefits. 

Research about the health benefits of plants has been around for decades and was popularized by the NASA Clean Air Study published in 1989. The study concluded that common houseplants could take dirty air, clean it, and turn it into fresh, clean air. More recently, the “Project Carbon” research project at the University of Georgia confirmed that indoor plants remove carbon from the air.

Houseplants also help reduce noise in a few different ways, a huge benefit with so many of us working from home offices. Stems, leaves and trunks absorb and deflect sound waves, softening indoor sounds. There’s also just something about growing and nurturing a living thing. Plants provide that satisfaction — without a pet deposit. 

Ready to find out if you’ve got a green thumb? Middle Tennessee is rich with high quality, way-better-than-big-box plant nurseries and garden centers.  

Bates Nursery

Family-owned Bates Nursery’s slogan is “Beautifying Nashville since 1932.” The staff and owners have extensive knowledge of all things plants and can help you make the best choices for your indoor spaces. 

Hewitt’s Garden and Design Center

Hewitt Garden and Design Center

Another family owned plant biz, Hewitt’s Garden and Design Center in Franklin offers a wide range of services and stocks thousands of plants, from tiny succulents and houseplants to massive full grown trees. Follow them on Instagram for inspiration!

Southbranch Nursery

Southbranch – with locations in Brentwood and Murfreesboro – offers a range of garden products, accessories and gifts. They have something for everyone from the DIY beginner to the master gardener. 

Riverbend Nurseries

Also in Franklin, Riverbend Nurseries is a full-service garden center with a huge range of products including locally-grown plants, tools, and pottery. They’re also happy to share their abundance of knowledge and invite folks to stop by, say hello and see what they’ve got in stock. 

JVI Secret Gardens

Located in Nashville, JVI Secret Gardens is “not your average place to buy plants.” They’re a family-owned business with a friendly and knowledgeable staff and they strive to help customers express their creativity through plants. 

Whether you’re concerned about the quality of your indoor air, or you just want to bring nature’s calming influence into your home office, houseplants are the perfect way to go green.