Thrive™ While You Drive

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Twice Daily is both excited and proud to announce our new reduced emissions program, Thrive™! This program will let Twice Daily guests reduce tailpipe emissions by filling up with the same high-quality fuel, and at no additional charge! How will these emissions be reduced you ask? Thrive™ will be investing in local, regional, and global certified carbon reduction projects. The Thrive™ program also takes it a step further by planting trees with our national partner, the Arbor Foundation. Not only is the Thrive™ program planting trees with the Arbor Day Foundation, we are also planting trees in the Middle Tennessee community with GROW Enrichment. By investing in carbon reduction projects and local tree planting projects we will be able to successfully reduce the daily carbon emissions of our guests while also helping our local community thrive!

“We are excited to engage with our guests to make a positive impact on our environment. The Thrive program allows our guests to fill up at the pump while also supporting their community. It is the same high-quality fuel we have always had, now, with a valuable benefit,” said Steve Hostetter, CEO of Tri Star Energy, “We’re also excited to be partnering with GROW Enrichment to plant trees right here in our community. We hope that the Middle Tennessee community chooses to drive green with us!”

Our new program, Thrive™, is one of a kind. You might be thinking that a program this awesome would entail an extra step for our guests at the pump or be more expensive, but that is not the case. Thrive™ requires no new software, fuel, vehicles, hardware, or equipment that would be expensive, need installation, or involve extra steps for our customers! Our goal is a fun and easy program, so our customers can lend a hand in positive environmental efforts. So all you, our loyal guests, will have to do is continue pumping gas at Twice Daily locations! The Thrive™ program will work hard to automatically calculate your tailpipe emissions and invest in carbon reduction projects to offset and reduce tailpipe emissions in the atmosphere. It’s easy as 1, 2, PUMP!

We want to reduce as many emissions as possible, but we need the help of our guests to do so. FIll up at Twice Daily and help us, help our environment!. We are excited to come together with communities in and around Middle Tennessee to sustain and improve the world. Don’t just live, don’t just drive, Thrive™!