Supporting Our Local Parks

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When we say we’re here to help our community thrive, those aren’t just words. Building lasting relationships and serving the communities we share with our customers is at the heart of everything we do. 

So we’re proud to announce the expansion of the Thrive program. We’ve added 3 new locations, one in Franklin, La Vergne & Arrington, TN. This brings the program to – drum roll please – 59 locations throughout the Tennessee Valley. 

To further our mission of enhancing our communities, we’ve made two donations to nearby parks.

Local parks are vitally important to the well being of communities. We all know being outside in nature is beneficial to mind, body and spirit. Parks provide space to reap all of those benefits – while also simply enjoying the outdoors. And with social-distancing practices, parks are some of the safest spaces to gather together with friends and family right now. Parks also enhance property values, they attract families and retirees, and they inspire the nostalgic feeling we get from playing outside.  

It makes a difference where you fill up. Investing in our communities is one of the ways we show we care about not just the planet, but the neighbors we serve. We can’t wait to serve you soon.