Why We Say, “Pump Here. Plant Trees.”

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The Thrive program means it when we say, Pump Here. Plant Trees. We have already done exactly that in the Middle Tennessee community! We started with a volunteer project with GROW Enrichment in the Nashville area.


On May 17th, the Thrive volunteer team got to work in GROW Enrichment’s Nature Playground. With the help at GROW, the Thrive program planted fruit trees and bushes in the first edible program in Nashville! GROW desires to create an engaging space that captures the imagination of children and invites them to explore!

This project will have a lasting, positive impact on local kids and their families when visiting the park, as well as a beneficial impact on the wildlife living near the playground.

“We’re excited to be partnering with GROW Enrichment to plant trees right here in our community. We hope that the Middle Tennessee community chooses to drive green with us!” said Steve Hostetter, CEO of Tri Star Energy.

Volunteers arrived at the Nature Playground early on Thursday, May 17th, and got right to work! With the support of the Thrive program and it’s green team of volunteers, we were able to plant 13 fruit trees in the Nature Playground! These plants included apple, plum and nectarine trees, as well as, some blueberry bushes.

Thank you to our partners, GROW Enrichment, and the amazing Thrive volunteers for helping us kick off the program with a bang! We can’t wait to continue to plant trees in Middle Tennessee and Pump Here. Plant Trees!