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Ecomapuá Amazon REDD Project

The Ecomapuá Amazon REDD Project is located on Marajó Island, Pará State, in the Eastern Amazon region of Brazil. The Marajó várzea is a critically valuable ecosystem for many species, but especially noted for its avifauna, adding to the importance of the present project. The primary objective of the Ecomapuá Amazon REDD AUD Project is to avoid the unplanned deforestation of an 86,269.84ha area within a private property on Marajó island. Beyond the ecological and carbon benefits of the project, a proportion of the carbon credits generated will be dedicated to improving social and environmental conditions for the project area residents, specifically contributing to environmental education implemented in the Fazenda Bom Jesus and Vila Amélia Ecomapuá properties. The goals of the project are as follows:

  • Avoid a predicted 4,253.14ha of deforestation, equating to around 2,745,350 tCO2e
  • Avoid 1,432,278 tCO2e of emissions over the 30 year project lifetime.
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APX Verified Carbon Standard

emissions reduction

72,338 metric tons of CO2e per year