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Andhra Pradesh Natural Gas Power Generation

The project activity is Phase-I grid connected 445 MW natural gas based Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP). The power plant comprises of 2×140 MW natural gas-run turbines, two heat recovery steam generators and a 165 MW steam turbine. It is a green field project developed by Konaseema Gas Power Ltd, hereinafter called KGPL, located at East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, India. The generated power will be exported to the Andhra Pradesh power grid (part of the southern grid of India) and this is ensured by the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed with State government owned Andhra Pradesh Transmission Corporation of India Ltd. (APTRANSCO). The project activity will meet the base load requirement of the southern grid. In the absence of the project activity the same quantity of power would have been produced from greenhouse gases (GHGs) intensive fossil fuels, like coal. Since natural gas is an energy intensive fuel, it emits less GHGs comparatively for the same quantity of power generated.

project type

Alternative Energy




APX Verified Carbon Standard

emissions reduction

1,358,857 metric tons of CO2e per year