Partner Spotlight: Old School Farm

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Twice Daily’s mission is to build lasting relationships by partnering with community organizations that focus on local ecosystems and environmental education. Every time you fill up with Thrive, you support local volunteer projects and sponsorships in the communities where we live, work, and play. That’s why we’re excited to share our new partnership with Nashville’s Old School Farm

Old School Farm is a nonprofit focused on uplifting the Middle Tennessee community. They employ adults with disabilities to grow, harvest, and deliver fresh produce to food deserts in Tennessee. The farm offers competitive employment opportunities and a supportive environment to adults with disabilities. They believe all individuals deserve opportunities to grow their skills through meaningful employment and to become an active part of their community. The farm hopes to become a model site of communal responsibility, where individuals of all abilities and backgrounds work side by side to create a better future. 

Old School Farm employs team members dedicated to producing fresh food for the Nashville area. The full staff includes people of all abilities and backgrounds, focused on providing supportive employment where each team member can advance their skills. The program provides hands-on experience employees can use in a whole range of life situations. Their farmers tend plants as they grow and when it’s harvest time, produce is delivered to Second Harvest Food Bank to be distributed.

With increased funding and support, Old School Farm is able to grow and harvest more food for Nashville families. Through our partnership, Thrive will host volunteer projects for Old School Farm to help feed the Middle Tennessee community. These projects include planting, harvesting produce, weeding, watering and generally getting our hands dirty! Volunteering projects will be staffed by Twice Daily employees, who will also have the opportunity to volunteer outside of scheduled events. 

Ongoing investment and teamwork power our community partnerships and keep our neighborhoods thriving. We’re proud that our donations to Old School Farm will support the employment of two adults with disabilities. This means two more farmers are able to do meaningful work in a supportive community, while increasing the amount of crops planted, harvested and donated to families in the Nashville area.

Each of our community partners is dedicated to preserving local ecosystems and educating the community to take care of the environment around them and Old School Farm is no exception. When you fill up with Twice Daily Thrive, you’re showing a commitment to your neighbors and to ensuring that our communities continue to grow stronger. 
Do you have ideas for a community project or an environmental organization Thrive can support? Get in touch and let us know how we can best help our community thrive.