Maintaining Urban Forests: Spotlight on Nashville Tree Foundation

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When you think of trees, what do you imagine? Is it a forest? Do you hear branches bending in the wind? Leaves crunching underfoot?

Not all forests belong far away from people. Some trees have the very important job of growing close to home. The Nashville Tree Foundation knows this better than most and works hard to keep trees thriving even in the most urbanized locations.

The start of something special for Nashville

Founded in 1986, the Nashville Tree Foundation’s primary goal has always been to preserve and enhance Nashville’s urban forests. This is done through tree plantings, caring for the area’s oldest trees, and through education.

The focus is on trees best adapted to thrive in Middle Tennessee with its particular weather and soil conditions. When possible, the Nashville Tree Foundation plants both native and heirloom species, including many varieties of:

  • Maple
  • Buckeye
  • Oak
  • Elm
  • Pine
  • Magnolia
  • Holly

To date, the organization has planted more than 10,000 trees.

When you can’t plant, give away a tree

One specific way the Nashville Tree Foundation connects with local communities is by giving trees away. This allows individuals who may not have time to volunteer for bigger projects to spend an hour or two putting up a tree in their own neighborhood.

Whether it’s adding a tree to their own property, or putting it in a community common area or local park, each tree helps preserve the urban forests throughout Nashville.

These trees do a lot for the community. They provide shade on those hot, summer days. They add beauty and color to neighborhoods of all kinds. Trees even help clean our air. As natural sequesters of carbon dioxide, as trees grow, they take in this harmful element from our atmosphere and trap it forever. 

The link between trees and sustainability

The ability for trees to serve the environment, no matter where they are, fits perfectly with Twice Daily’s Thrive program. It also focuses on the environment and keeping harmful elements out of the air. In partnering with the Nashville Tree Foundation Twice Daily has been able to give away over 800 trees at various farmers’ markets throughout Nashville. 

These trees were primarily native to the area, which means they’ll require less water to grow, making them environmentally friendly on many levels. They’ll also naturally filter rainwater from the soil, caring for themselves most of the time. 

The Nashville Tree Foundation is just one of many local organizations Twice Daily Thrive partners within their mission to support volunteer projects in their communities. The Thrive program itself also works to reduce tailpipe emissions by up to 30 percent each time you fill up at a Twice Daily gas station.

By simply refueling your car, you offset a portion of your car’s carbon emissions through the Thrive program’s investment in carbon reduction projects.

Better fuel and more trees — what’s better?

To learn more about ways you can volunteer with the Nashville Tree Foundation, check out the list of both tree planting and tree giveaway events hosted throughout the year.

To take advantage of Twice Daily Thrive, and offset a portion of the emissions from your car, simply visit any Twice Daily gas station and fill up your tank.

Working together, thinking about sustainability, and making choices that positively impact your own community can help make a difference for the generations to come.