How To Be A Green Concert Goer

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Spring is finally here and along with warm weather, there are fun concerts and music festivals starting around the country! Every year, music festivals generate several tons of trash, both inside and outside the grounds. This is not only wasteful, but it is also harmful to the native species of animals and plants in those areas. Here are 4 steps you can take to reduce your environmental impact during this year’s music festival season.


Use biodegradable glitter: Glitter is a major fashion staple at many music festivals. It is also a major ocean pollutant. After you rinse it off in the shower, it runs down your drain and goes out to sea. Glitter is a microplastic, and it can kill fish and other sea animals that swallow the small particles. Fortunately, several cosmetic companies are starting to sell biodegradable glitter that’s still fashionable and safe for your skin. Swapping out your current glitter for something more eco-friendly is one small step you can take to reduce your impact on the environment.


Use secondhand gear: If you’re looking to change up your festival gear and wardrobe, an easy way to both save money and reduce waste is to buy secondhand festival gear. There are a ton of music festival and concert groups on social media for people who are looking to sell, buy or trade their old gear. Even though you won’t find the same selection you’d have from retailers, this is a great way to recycle clothing and reduce packaging waste.


Buy reusable bottles: At spring and summer music festivals you can’t go without water! Instead of buying individual plastic bottles, consider getting gallon jugs of water. If you don’t have space to fit the entire jug, bring along an insulated water bottle and throw some ice cubes in it, so you’ll have cold water all day long. Inside the venue, there are usually hydration and water fill-up stations that will keep your jug or thermos full during the entire line up. If you end up bringing or buying bring plastic water bottles, at least make sure to recycle them.


Say “no” to free swag: Most concerts and music festivals host several business vendors who will hand you and other concert goers free “swag” that represents their brand. Free hats, bags, sunglasses frisbees, and other items are very tempting, but remember to say “no” in order to help keep those items out of landfills. It’s likely that you will never use the items outside the festival anyway. A small step like this can make a lasting impact!


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Being a green concert goer has never been easier! At this year’s concerts and music festivals, make an environmental difference by creating less waste and choosing more sustainable options.