How Thrive™ Works

Contributing to your community is easy! All you need to do is fill up at any of the TwiceDaily® stores located in the Middle Tennesee and surrounding areas. The Thrive™program automatically calculates your estimated tailpipe emissions and invests in certified carbon reduction projects. Some of those certified, verified projects include planting trees, solar power generation, landfill gas capture, and more, resulting in up to 30% reduced emissions.

TwiceDaily® Thrive™ is a program specifically designed to help improve community support and the environment. We accomplish this by reducing your tailpipe emissions each time you fill up. Furthermore, we plant trees locally with the Arbor Day Foundation in the Middle Tennessee area and many other locations.

This is the first program in and around Middle Tennessee to give back to our communities and reduce your vehicle’s emissions!

Thrive™ Makes Reducing your Emissions Easy

Step 1:

You pump the same high-quality
TwiceDaily® fuel as usual.

Step 2:

We plant trees in your community and support other carbon reduction projects.

Step 3:

Together, we reduce emissions and breathe easy!

Thrive™ Projects

Interested in learning more? Want to see what projects we are supporting and all the improvements you’re making? Then click the link or send us a comment about what else you’d like to see when you fill up at TwiceDaily®.

Thrive™ Community Support

GROW Enrichment

GROW Enrichment is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization based in Nashville, TN with a focus on community development through urban agricultural and nature conservation education. Because of you, Thrive™ will be supporting GROW and will work together on community volunteer projects. Some of those projects include planting fruit trees as fruit trees are considered an excellent community food source and will help bee populations.

Nashville Tree Foundation

Thrive™ will be working with the Nashville Tree Foundation to coordinate free tree giveaway events at 7 local farmers’ markets in Nashville in the fall of 2018. Trees will be available in 1- or 3-gallon containers and will be selected for optimum survival, primarily native species. Those farmers’ markets include:

  • 12th South Farmer’s Market
  • North Farmer’s Market
  • East Farmer’s Market
  • Bellevue Farmer’s Market
  • Richland Park Farmer’s Market
  • Hip Donelson Farmer’s Market
  • Southeast Community Farmer’s Market/Woodbine Farmer’s Market