A Greener Football Season

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Football season is in full swing! No matter what colors you’ll be sporting on game day this fall, make sure you do your part to make this season greener! Whether you’re tailgating, inside the stadium, or enjoying the game from home, consider these ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint this football season!

Electronic Tickets. Use e-tickets this football season to reduce your footprint while cheering your team to victory from the best seats in the house! Consider purchasing your tickets online and choosing the e-ticket option. While e-tickets are still a relatively new concept, they are becoming more and more common. E-tickets reduce the amount of paper used for game admittance. You won’t have to keep up with paper tickets, and all those ticket stubs you see lying on the ground after the game won’t end up in landfills!

Transportation. Have friends or family from your area headed to the big game? Consider carpooling! Think about the time & money you will save by only finding one parking spot. Not only does carpooling reduce your CO2 emissions & footprint, but by filling up at participating Twice Daily Thrive™ stores you can reduce everyone’s footprints by up to 30%!

Recycling. Think of all the recyclable items that you will see on game days – water bottles, aluminum cans, newspapers, game programs, glass bottles, red solo cups galore… All of these items can end up where they shouldn’t – in a landfill. Don’t fret, you can help have a greener season by recycling! Many college and professional football stadiums have sustainability programs in place. Whether you’re tailgating in the parking lot or in the stadium, recycle bins can always be found. Keep an eye out, and help keep your teams’ stadium clean.

If game day finds you shouting at your butterfingered running back from your favorite recliner and not the stands, you can still play a part. If you don’t already recycle at home, you can designate a separate container for recyclable goods such as aluminum cans, pizza boxes, solo cups, and take them to a local recycling center once the game is over. This helps to makes your footprint as green as the grass stains on your rival quarterback’s jersey!

Cooler Selection. Want to keep your favorite beverages cold while still being eco-friendly? Instead of using, a Styrofoam cooler each tailgate, consider investing in durable, reusable coolers. Brands like Yeti, Arctic, and Grizzly offer new technologies that help keep your drinks cold all day long. By using a reusable cooler, not only will you eliminate the damage that Styrofoam products have on the environment, but you will save some bucks on ice! These coolers stay colder longer allowing you to conserve resources like plastic, water, and electricity by reducing your need for additional ice. For the avid tailgater or maybe the fan that enjoys having drinks on ice at home, saving these resources multiple times a season truly adds up! Your beer will be as iced as your opponent’s kicker—and the Earth will thank you. Don’t forget to pick up your cold beverages, game day snacks, and ice at your local Twice Daily!

From everyone at Thrive™, we hope you have an enjoyable, greener football season!

greener football season