Eco-friendly Summer DIY Crafts

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Summer is a great time for crafting projects that might be too large or too messy for inside the house. Gather your supplies, roll out a blanket on your yard or brush off the picnic table, and pick some fun DIY projects to start. The list below will supply you with inspiration to get things rolling. These craft ideas will leave you with a project that you’ll want to show off to friends and family.

Tin can lanterns: If you plan to have a BBQ or an outside gathering this summer, try making recycled tin can lanterns. These lanterns are an easy way to add some sparkle without stretching your outdoor decorating budget. The materials you’ll need are regular household items, and the tiny holes you design on the cans will create gorgeous scattered light patterns on your table when you drop a small candle inside.

Hanging planters: Hanging plants purchased from big box stores or a gardening store can cost quite a bit. Why spend all that money when everything you need for a decorative hanging planter is probably sitting in your recycling bin right at home? Use recycled products to create a string that can be repurposed into a modern and functional hanging planter.

Mason jar herb gardens: Shelves, windowsills, and porches are great areas for starting tiny urban gardens, but sometimes they are limited to how much they can hold. And why should your neighbors have all the fun of watching your plants grow? Starting a mason jar herb garden is a great way to increase your growing capacity while at the same time bringing the joy of growing plants to your kitchen.

Homemade terrariums: Sometimes it can be difficult to get outside and enjoy nature. This can be due to distance or weather that just won’t cooperate during the summer months. Instead of going to nature, why not bring nature inside your own home? Terrariums can be made with either leafy plants, ferns, or with water-storing plants such as succulents or cacti. Because terrarium plants do not need much soil or water, they can be made from containers of all different sizes!

DIY bird feeders: Placing a bird feeder outside your window is a great way to observe nature without disrupting it. Create a fun, recycled urban bird feeder that you can hang from a tree in your yard, a fire escape or windowsill. It costs next to nothing and anyone can do it. All you’ll need to do is dig through your recycling bin and start building.

eco-friendly diy summer crafts

Save money and have fun by completing DIY crafts this summer! Getting crafty will get your creative juices flowing as well as spruce up your home and outdoor decor.