Teaching Children How to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Learning about the environment at school can often serve as an inspiration for children to think more consciously at home. Since sustainable practices learned young are often carried into adulthood, this is a perfect time to get them engaged in environmentally-friendly activities at home. If your children are coming to you and asking for ways to better the world around them, don’t get caught uninspired. Try out these ideas with them and keep the passion for sustainably alive.

7 Ways to Stay Active During Winter

Even if you don’t live somewhere that gets coated in snow every winter, cooler temperatures can make it harder to stay active. Not only can the weather slow you down, but fewer daylight hours can take away valuable time to get out and get moving. However, the benefits of physical activity, which include improving both your mental and physical health, make it worth it to figure out a few strategies to keep active even in winter.

5 Foods That Are In Season All Winter Long

For those interested in even more ways to act sustainably this winter, it’s time to think about what you eat. We all have our favorite winter dishes, and those recipes for warming soups, stews, and more tend to come up as temperatures go down, but what’s in these favorite meals? The ingredients may be fresh, but are they in season?

Making Music and Giving Back to the Environment — The 2022 Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival

Having taken place September 24-25 in Franklin, Tennessee, Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival was quite an experience. Even better, the event pulled off an amazing weekend of powerful musical performances with an eye toward the environment. As a historic town in its own right, Franklin has music in its bones. With six stages and a …

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Compost at Home and Lower your Carbon Footprint

When you look at your home and start listing ways to live more environmentally friendly, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s to swap out all your lightbulbs for LEDs. Maybe you’re checking that all your appliances have the Energy Saver star. Maybe you plan to adjust the thermostat by just a few degrees each season so it runs more efficiently. A lot of different, small tasks can go on this list, but have you thought about your trash? Beyond the recyclables, what can you do to reduce the amount of trash you toss in the bin every day? One option, composting.