Compost at Home and Lower your Carbon Footprint

When you look at your home and start listing ways to live more environmentally friendly, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s to swap out all your lightbulbs for LEDs. Maybe you’re checking that all your appliances have the Energy Saver star. Maybe you plan to adjust the thermostat by just a few degrees each season so it runs more efficiently. A lot of different, small tasks can go on this list, but have you thought about your trash? Beyond the recyclables, what can you do to reduce the amount of trash you toss in the bin every day? One option, composting.

5 Fun Nashville Spring Activities

Do you hear all those chirping birds in the morning? What do you think they’re trying to tell us? Well, they’re officially announcing spring, of course. Warmer temperatures and sunny days herald in the start of spring, which means it’s time to shift from being stuck indoors to some outdoor fun. If you’re ready to dig into spring and really enjoy the natural beauty and better temperatures, here are five local things to do in Nashville that will get you outdoors right now.

Ready to Celebrate Earth Day? Here are 5 things you can do

Holidays are about traditions, even if you have to make them up on your own. For Valentine’s Day, it’s hearts, for Halloween, it’s costumes and candy, for Fourth of July, it’s red, white, and blue (and fireworks!). These are widely-embraced themes, but what about holidays that haven’t been around for hundreds of years? In 2022, …

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