7 Ways to Stay Active During Winter

Even if you don’t live somewhere that gets coated in snow every winter, cooler temperatures can make it harder to stay active. Not only can the weather slow you down, but fewer daylight hours can take away valuable time to get out and get moving.

However, the benefits of physical activity, which include improving both your mental and physical health, make it worth it to figure out a few strategies to keep active even in winter.

The recommended amount of weekly, moderate physical activity for adults is 150 minutes per week. That’s only 30 minutes, five days a week. Whether that time is spent indoors or out is up to you, but don’t let winter stop you from trying out these active ideas.

1. Clean your house

This may not be your first choice in staying active this winter, but simple housework is a great way to get your body moving while staying indoors. Everything from vacuuming to cleaning those bathrooms can count toward a day’s 30 active minutes. Not only that, your house will stay clean. 

2. Find an online workout you like

If the winter weather makes it a challenge to consistently get to the gym, turn to an online workout program for consistency. You won’t have to forgo your workout and can easily find exercise videos online to subscribe to, stream, or watch via your favorite social media platform. Make sure to clear a space out at home with enough room to do your exercise in as well.

3. Go on a nature walk

Keep an eye on the weather a few days in advance of any scheduled outdoor hike, but walking outside, even in winter, is a great way to get active and see some natural beauty. Different animals pop out during cooler weather, and if it recently snowed, things will look majestic. A brisk walk on a local trail or even a stroll through your neighborhood will work perfectly, just don’t forget to dress warmly.

4. Check out an indoor sport

If sports are your thing, but cold weather makes it hard to play tennis, soccer, or any other outdoor sport, head inside. Some perfect indoor options are basketball and volleyball. You can also swim laps at an indoor pool or take the whole family bowling. For winter-themed, indoor sports, try ice skating and hockey. You can even grab your old roller skates and hit the rink.

5. Volunteer in your community

Helping people and moving your body is a winning combination, and many organizations need extra help during the holidays. Maybe regular volunteers are out on vacation, or just don’t have as much time to give. Use this to your advantage and pick up the slack. Some great places to volunteer that guarantee physical activity, include animal shelters and organizations that clean up litter in the local community.

6. Do some window shopping

If cold weather is keeping you indoors, but you simply can’t sit still any longer, go for an indoor walk at the mall. Though not as popular as they used to be, the mall is the perfect space for a weather-free walk, and you can window shop as you go. While you want to avoid mall walking really close to the holidays, it shouldn’t be too crowded the rest of the winter season. You can burn some calories and maybe find a special item or two to take home.

7. Take to the stairs

When every other physical activity seems out of reach, and you just want to get your heart pumping, make it easy on yourself and take to the stairs. Going up and down your home’s flight of stairs is actually a great physical workout. If you’re in an apartment, ditch the elevator when you can and use the stairs to clock in some active minutes up to your place. 

If you don’t have stairs, pop on your favorite song and dance around the house to it. You’ll burn a similar amount of calories.

No matter what you do, keep active even when it’s cold

If you’re commuting to any of these local activities in your vehicle, be sure to fill up at a Twice Daily station. The Thrive program automatically offsets up to 30 percent of your car’s emissions by investing in global carbon reduction projects that help to trap, destroy, and prevent carbon from entering the atmosphere, offsetting what your car puts out.

Don’t fall for that cozy fire and those holiday movies every time. Hanging out and enjoying yourself is great, but don’t forget about the importance of staying active even when it’s cold out. Your body will appreciate the effort, and you’ll feel better even as winter wears on.