7 Reasons Why Spring Is the South’s Best Season

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1. The Kentucky Derby

Honestly, there’s nothing in the world quite like the Derby. The “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” is so much more than a horse race. The event is steeped in history and tradition. If you can’t be at Churchill Downs, pour a frosty mint julep, put on an over-the-top hat and it’s almost like you’re in the stands. 

2. The Freshest Produce 

Springtime in the south means farm stands and farmer’s markets. The best ones will delight you with not only the freshness and flavor of the fruits and veggies, but also the family-friendly atmosphere and generous samples. They’re also just great places to wander around after being cooped up inside! Grab a fun eco-friendly shopping bag and you’re all set! 

3. Gardens Everywhere 

It’s finally the season of renewal, new growth, and getting back out in the dirt. Gardeners love spring but even if you’re not a gardener yourself, you’ll appreciate the beauty of fresh blossoms and new buds. Whether you garden at home or visit one of the standouts across the region, don’t miss out on Springtime’s feast for the eyes.  

4. Eating and Drinking Outdoors

Again, the simple pleasure of being outside after being cooped up. Whether it’s on patios or sidewalk cafes, there’s nothing like an outdoor table, even if it’s on your own porch. 

5. Bike Rides

How are those New Year’s resolutions going? If you spent the winter hibernating on the couch, Spring is a perfect time to renew your commitment to move more. Or maybe you just want to get out on the road minus the pedal power? Rent motorcycles for the day and ride easy. 

6. More Daylight Hours

Being outdoors in the sun is linked with a mood boost. Spending at least 30 minutes outside in pleasant weather is associated with less stress and a better overall mindset. When Spring arrives with its warmth and light, get outside and take full advantage. 

7. Taking the Backroads

There’s nothing quite like an afternoon drive through scenic backroads. In the south, some of them connect small towns and some surrounding forests, lakes and historic spots. Take in stunning views and see where the road takes you. 

Spring has officially sprung. Get out there!