7 Essential Items For the Perfect Day On the Lake

Did you know that Tennessee is home to almost 1,400 lakes? Whether it be a day on the boat or an afternoon row in a canoe, there’s nothing quite like a summer lake day. Check out these seven tips to make this summer your most sustainable yet. 


If you’re in the market for a new pack this summer, there are some great sustainably made options. Nowadays, you can find packs made from a wide range of sustainable materials like hemp, cork and organic cotton. 


Pack plenty of water and bring a reusable bottle for everyone in your group. And if you’re looking for something for your coffee, or even your wine – hey, we don’t judge! – you’ll find a full range of options with Hydro Flask


Depending on your age, you may remember the crunchy white styrofoam coolers that used to be part of every lake and beach trip. These days you can find guilt-free reusable coolers that keep your food and drinks cool without the annoying white particles (that seemed to end up everywhere!) 


A supply of dry, fluffy towels is crucial to a fun day on the water. Treat yourself to new ones this year. There’s a wide range of eco-friendly options, including fun towels made from recycled plastic bottles


Forget the old bag of chips and can of soda. You need healthier items to keep you going. And sometimes the best healthy snack is a local snack. Check out these healthy brands that are giving back to our planet, too.


We all love the sun. Sun damage? Not so much. But no one wants more plastic containers. So we’re glad companies like Bee You Organics make zero waste sunscreen. And if you’re planning to be outdoors a lot this summer, you may want to stock up on Apothecary Muse’s waste-free Woodsy Warrior bundle, with insect repellant, sunscreen and skin salve. 


Packaging from snacks and drinks needs to go somewhere. Your best bet is packing them up for recycling, composting or dumping them in the trash once you’re back on dry land. Make sure to stash a couple of eco-friendly trash bags in your pack. 

Make the most of lake life. With a little bit of planning and the right supplies, a day on the lake is sure to please!