6 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution Going Strong

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As many of us know, resolutions can be hard to keep! Setting out to accomplish impractical plans or unrealistic goals can have you abandoning your plans in a matter of weeks, days or even hours. So, how can you make this year more successful? Here are some easy ways to set yourself on a good path for success.

Keep things simple: There’s nothing wrong with having big aspirations, but when it comes to making an overhaul of your lifestyle, remember to keep things simple. Expecting sudden grand changes can lead to guilt and disappointment. If self-improvement is on your mind, set just one or two of your most important goals and don’t feel the need to accomplish them all at once.

Plan: The more planning you do now, the more likely you will be able to get to the finish line. Set clear, realistic goals such as losing 5 pounds, cooking at home on the weekends, or going to the gym once a week. 

Create a timeline: Creating a timeline will give you extra motivation to get things done in a timely fashion. Break the timing of your goals into manageable parts and assess your progress as you keep moving forward. Keep a calendar or diary to help plan out your next actions or steps in the upcoming days, weeks and months.

Treat yourself: Don’t forget to have some fun and treat yourself. Oftentimes we make resolutions that are time consuming or demanding and we lose sight of enjoying the process. Be sure to celebrate milestones, but don’t fall into the trap of putting your goal in danger. It’s far too easy for someone on a diet to say, “I’ve been doing well, so I deserve some junk food.” Keep track of when you treat yourself in order to avoid going overboard. 

Ask for support: Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family for added support. Some resolutions take a great amount of mental or physical work and that can be daunting. If you feel like you’re having trouble staying on target, reach out to someone who will help keep your motivation high.

Don’t give up: A slip-up is bound to happen at some point, but don’t let this be an excuse to stop trying. Remember to feel proud of yourself for making it closer to your goal weight or paying off a chunk of your student loan debt. If you keep your self-esteem and confidence high you will be less inclined to give up when you hit a bump in the road.

These helpful tips are just some of the ways you can help yourself stay on track with your resolution next year. Remember that happiness and success is worth the time and effort, so get started, and good luck!