4 Amazing Works of Art Made From Nature

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Using natural elements in works of art is a growing trend among artists. Artists are creating sculptures, paintings and other pieces with the use of twigs, branches, leaves, stones and other natural items from our environment. Whether these works of art are temporary, or made to last, all of them blow us away with their unique design. Here are 4 amazing works of art made from natural materials. 

Corso Zundert parade: This annual parade celebration in the Netherlands consists of vibrant floats made entirely of flowers and other natural items. Volunteers from different locations compete for the best designed parade float which incorporate moving elements, marching band performers and other unique aspects. 

Earth Goddess: The focal point of Atlanta’s Botanical Garden is Earth Goddess in the Cascades Garden. This 25-foot sculpture was created by Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal. Earth Goddess is a living sculpture and is maintained daily by the horticulture team to keep it thriving and healthy. Visitors may observe staff at work shearing the piece, as constant grooming is needed to maintain the sculpture’s artistic lines.

Tournament of Roses Parade: These famous parade floats are covered in flowers and used in the annual New Year’s Day Tournament of Roses held in pasadena, California. The floats evolved from flower-decorated horse carriages and are now required to be completely covered with plant material. These works of art are built by dozens of volunteers working around the clock for more than a week

The Beauty of Decay: London artist, Rebecca Loise Law is famous for her ambitious art installations appearing all over the world. The Beauty of Decay is her debut solo gallery in San Francisco and comprises of more than 8,000 flowers which gradually change and preserve throughout the exhibition. The cascade of hovering flowers create a beautiful experience that will prompt viewers to examine the nature as it transitions from lush to decay.

Flowers and other natural elements are used by many of today’s artists in their works of art. No matter the method or style, floral creations prove that flowers and other environmental components are extremely aesthetic and versatile!