3 Painless Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

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Throughout history, people have made massive quality-of-life enhancements and societal changes by learning more about the world and how we live in it. The success of public education campaigns on littering, smoking and seat belt use tell us that when people know better, they do better. It’s human nature! With Twice Daily Thrive, we’re working to bring that same mindset to filling up your tank! Our Reduced Emissions Program empowers consumers to make a difference every time they fill up by supporting local and global projects.

So what about plastics? We all know we should use less. We also know we shouldn’t eat too much sugar but that doesn’t exactly make it easier. Sometimes overhauling habits just seems completely overwhelming. But the reality is that little changes can make a big difference.

Get ahead of things and start changing your habits now. It’s much easier than we think to dramatically shrink our plastic waste footprint.

Dump Plastic Bags

Most of us have adopted the habit of bringing reusable bags when we grocery shop. But what about stopping by the gas station on the way home? Or running into the drug store to grab a few things? You may not have your bags with you. Try making it a habit to put your reusable bags right near the door you use to head to your car. The first time you tell a cashier you don’t need a bag, it feels awkward. You’ll feel weird tucking a bottle of shampoo into your purse or walking out of the store carrying your snacks. But it gets easier and eventually you’ll wonder why you ever thought you needed a single-use bag. There are so many styles of reusable bags to choose from. Finding a style you like makes it even easier to remember to pack them.

Say No to Disposable Straws and Utensils

There are exceptions, naturally, but many of us do not actually need a straw. Think about how many times you’re handed one that you never use. Same with ordering takeout. It’s almost a default to toss plastic utensils in the bag. If you’re at home, they probably go straight in the trash. If you won’t use them, you don’t have to take them. And if you need reusable utensils or straws on the go, get yourself a nice set and you’ve just created less plastic waste. Congrats!

Buy In Bulk

If your kids routinely need snacks to go – and honestly, what kid doesn’t? – you’re familiar with snack- sized bags of everything. Instead of ending up with a pile of wrappers and bags to throw away, buy in bulk. You can even have your kids pack their own snacks in reusable containers. They’re perfect for things like crackers and cheese cubes and they’re – ta da! – almost waste-free!

Let’s make single-use plastics as rare to see as a phone booth or a smoking section. When we all do a little bit, it makes a big difference.