Making Music and Giving Back to the Environment — The 2022 Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival

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Having taken place September 24-25 in Franklin, Tennessee, Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival was quite an experience. Even better, the event pulled off an amazing weekend of powerful musical performances with an eye toward the environment.

As a historic town in its own right, Franklin has music in its bones. With six stages and a massive cultural fair, Pilgrimage Festival included performances in rock and roll, alt-country, bluegrass, jazz, indie, gospel, and more. Hundreds of local artisans, food purveyors, and crafters were also on hand during this daytime, weekend-long festival.

Headliners Chris Stapleton and Brandi Carlile topped a long list of musical icons including Jon Batiste, The Avett Brothers, Elle King, Lake Street Dive, and so many more.

All this activity though left quite an imprint on the environment, as generators, supply trucks and more machinery released carbon dioxide into the atmosphere just to keep everything running smoothly. To ensure the impact of the festival is always about the music and not about harmful emissions, Pilgrimage offsets its carbon output thanks to the help of Twice Daily Thrive.

This partnership, now in its fourth year, enables Pilgrimage to operate as 100% carbon neutral by measuring the carbon emissions emitted from the festival. Twice Daily, through its Thrive program, is able to neutralize the negative impact the event has on the environment each year through its investment in certified carbon offset projects.

These projects include local and global green-scape, reforestation, wildlife protection, and renewable energy projects. Each investment helps improve the local community as well as positively impact the environment around the world.

While Tennessee drivers can take advantage of Twice Daily Thrive every time they fill up with Twice Daily fuel, working with the Pilgrimage Festive creates a unique opportunity to extend the impact of this program even further.

The Twice Daily Thrive program continues to offset harmful carbon emissions all year by offsetting 30 percent of the tailpipe emissions of all cars that fuel up at Twice Daily. Make sure you’re fueling up at Twice Daily as you wait for the 2023 Pilgrimage line-up to be announced.